Is Saxo good for investing?

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Yes, as well as being one of the best trading platforms, Saxo also have very good investment accounts for long-term investments. Saxo has recently introduced mutual funds for investors who want to quickly build a diversified portfolio.

For income investors, you can access a huge range of retail and institutional-grade bonds.

But, I would say that Saxo remains more of a trading platform than an investing account. So if you are primarily a high-risk trader and you want to incorporate some longer-term “safer” investments into your portfolio, Saxo is a good place to invest alongside your shorter-term speculation. Saxo is also one of the best brokers to receive interest on your uninvested cash.

Compared to other retail investing accounts like eToro, Saxo is a much better option because of market range, customer service and tax free wrappers like ISAs and SIPPs.

Saxo General Investment Account Review
Saxo Markets

Name: Saxo General Investment Account

Description: Saxo’s GIA is one of the most advanced accounts for UK long-term investors with access to more than 50 stock exchanges around the world with 22,000 instruments available to invest in. Saxo Markets’ forte is as a trading platform for professional and institutional short and medium-term speculators as they provide direct market access and very low commissions. A good choice for large active investors.


  • Investments: Shares, ETFs, funds, bonds
  • Minimum deposit: £1
  • Account types: GIA, ISA, SIPP, derivatives
  • Account charge: €10 per month or 0.12%
  • Dealing fee: Shares 0.1% – 0.05%


Saxo Markets charge EUR10 a month or 0.12% a year based on the value of your portfolio (depending on which is higher). If you have a VIP account this fee is reduced to 0.08%. Dealing charges are commission based as a percentage of transaction size. They are very competitive, though and UK shares trading commission starts at 0.1% (£100 if you buy £100,000 worth of stock) and drops to 0.05% for more active traders.

Special Offers:

  • Platinum – if you have £200,000 or more on account, you can apply for 30% lower transaction and account costs.
  • VIP – For accounts with portfolios over £1m, you get even better pricing, direct connection to experts, 1:1 SaxoStrats access and propriety event invitations.

Investment Platform:

Saxo Markets’ investment platform provides exceptional access to the global markets.

Saxo GIA


  • Direct market access
  • Excellent platform
  • Low commissions


  • May be too complicated for beginners
  • Subscription fees for live pricing
  • Pricing
  • Market Access
  • Online Platform
  • Customer Service
  • Research & Analysis
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