Yet another re-brand and logo for Wise (formally Transferwise)

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The online money transfer platform, Wise, has revealed a fresh green brand identity with new logos, website, app layouts, fonts and colour schemes.

Wise has completely updated the look, feel and messaging of its branding

The new look is described by Wise as being bold and clean in shades of green, and one where international people, places, letters and symbology take centre stage.

The money transfer and foreign currency business is international by nature and Wise’s new look is designed to emphasise the diversity of its customers and the universality of its services.

Wise is available in 170 countries, using its services, customers can send, spend and receive money like a local, almost anywhere on the globe.

The message here is:

This is what makes us all different. But this is what joins us all together.

That’s reinforced by the strapline:

“Money for everyone, everywhere”

Wise has also decided to change its tone of voice to better represent the business today. The company was formed 12 years ago and as it points out a lot has changed since then.

There are no changes to Wise’s products and services

However, as the company’s website points out the firm hasn’t moved house, they have simply refurbished the current one.

That means that there are no changes to any of its products and services.

Wise will, however, be changing its Wise Card to reflect the updated branding, though it hasn’t set out a time scale for the roll-out of the new card livery.

What was the inspiration for the new branding?

Wise says that its inspiration for the new look was its customers, the millions of people who use Wise each year.

The new look and feel draws on global currencies, languages, alphabets and places, as stylistic inputs.

And, when you look at the new website, with those ideas in mind, that becomes very apparent, very quickly.

The new look and layout are designed to capture the energy and dynamism of the firm’s customer base.

And the use of bold new fonts, imagery and universal symbols suggests that Wise is one step closer, to its goal of money without borders.

It’s not always easy for outsiders to decipher the aims and nuances behind the rebranding of a business and its online presence.

However, in this instance, Wise and its creative team seem to have hit the nail on the head.

Shareholders and investors in Wise will hope that the new look makes the business more prominent and discoverable and that it strikes a chord with potential new customers, which I believe it will.

Wise’s share price is up by just over 4.0% year to date and by 9.50% over the last 12 months.

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