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Scammers have cloned the FCA Register on www.register-fca.org.

Whenever we talk about financial investment scams, and we talk about them a lot, one of the ways we always highlight as a good way to check to see if a company is legitimate is to search for them o the FCA register.

However, scammers have cloned the FCA Registers, presumably with the purpose of directing their victims directly to this fake website to try and convince them they are real.

The fake register has now been removed.

FCA Register Clone

How do clone scams work?

Cloning existing and legitimate financial service firms is a fairly common form of investment scam. Clone scams usually revolving around a letter or email from a clone firm, either phishing for login information or to try and get investors to send funds to fake accounts.

The FCA publishes warnings on known clone firms on it’s website here.

The FCA said in a statement on it’s website that:

We are aware that there has been an attempt to reproduce our Financial Services Register on a non-FCA website.

We are currently working to get the page taken down and have alerted members of the public through our website and social media channels.

The domain that is not official is www.register-fca.org.

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