The London Stock Exchange makes it easier to access their market data

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The LSE has created and launched a new, accessible data portal through which traders and analysts, and any other interested parties, can purchase unique LSE data sets or license LSE data products, via a dedicated website.

Market data is an increasingly important and valuable resource

The LSE Group moved beyond being just an exchange operator with its 27-billion dollar purchase of Refinitv, from Thomson Reuters, in 2021.

A move which made the group a globally important player in the provision of market data, infrastructure and analytics.

Refinitv is best known for the Eikon Terminal. A professional market data and trading platform that offers financial news in 15 languages, and a messaging system that connects 30,000 firms and their traders across 180 countries.

A new self-service data portal

Now, however, the London Stock Exchange is making its data more accessible to everyone, not just financial pros, through the launch of its new Market Data Portal.

The new portal is described by the LSE as “a self-service platform” through which you can licence LSE data products or purchase historical data sets from the LSE, and its Turquoise and TRADEcho products.

Turquoise operates two MTFs or multi-lateral trading facilities for European, Emerging Market and US equities, whilst TradEcho is a suite of trade reporting and data capture tools with a focus on OTC and off-market trades.

Build and backtest

Market data is becoming increasingly important to traders, particularly those who are looking to build and backtest algorithmic trading tools and systems.

An area that is no longer the preserve of institutions and pro-traders. Retail traders, who can code in languages like python, are increasingly building their own bespoke tools and systems.

Market Data Portal users will be able to buy and download a wide range of data sets, including tick history, best price and volume, and end-of-day summaries.

The LSE has come in for criticism recently as a number of UK-listed companies, and those looking to IPO, have considered switching to the US.

The availability and accessibility of market data are seen as being instrumental in supporting a greater interest in the stock market among US investors and savers than the UK currently enjoys.

By launching the new data portal the LSE hopes to partially close the gap with its transatlantic rivals.

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