Interactive Brokers re-launches its revamped IBKR Campus

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Interactive Brokers, the Nasdaq-listed online trading platform that has operations in the US, Europe and Asia, has launched its revamped IBKR Campus a dedicated website that provides a comprehensive suite of free educational and technical resources for traders and investors, whether they are clients of the broker or not.

The IBKR Campus contains a wide range of topics, resources and content types

The website has a wide range of resources that includes webinars, podcasts, market commentaries and courses, that are designed to aid and educate clients, whether they be novices or far more experienced investors.

As well as educational resources the campus contains a financial news feed, market-related articles and an area dedicated to quantitative investing and market data.

There are also contributions about investing, trading and analysing the markets from an extensive list of third-party providers, many of whom are respected blue-chip names in their own right.

IBKR Campus Update

Learn how to use the full range of Interactive Brokers products and tools

The campus also includes “how-to guides” for Interactive Brokers’ trading tools and products. The guides contain lessons and quizzes on products allowing students to test themselves on what they have learned. This area covers order types, charting, as well as portfolio analysis and reporting, using the firm’s Android or iOS mobile trading platforms and much much more

Progress at your own speed with tiered courses and learning

Courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and cover topics such as stocks, options, futures, economics and even accessing the broker’s API or Application Programming Interface, something that would-be algorithmic traders and coders are likely to be interested in.

Traders can also learn about the best economic indicators for a particular geographic region and get a handle on some basic economic principles.

Intermediate courses include an introduction to technical analysis, that covers chart types, the use of indicators, moving averages and Fibonacci retracements and oscillators, such as MACD and RSI 14.

Whilst the advanced courses cover topics such as securities lending and borrowing and the mechanics behind short sales.

Alternatively, you can learn about advanced options strategies, such as calendar spreads, condors and long or short straddles.

Speaking about the revamp, and relaunch of the campus Steve Sanders, EVP of Marketing and Product Development at Interactive Brokers said:

“Education is at the heart of Interactive Brokers, and we firmly believe that knowledge is key to successful investing”

He added:

“With the user-friendly IBKR Campus site, we are empowering investors to stay informed about market events, improve their market understanding, and continuously develop their skills.”

Trading and investing in the markets is a daily learning curve for all participants. However, the IBKR Campus provides a useful resource and reference for traders of all levels and its one that can help to flatten that curve.

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