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Fineco Bank, which operates one of Europe’s largest online trading brokerages, has launched a new high-end dealing platform called FinecoX. The next-generation trading software features customisable screen layouts, dynamic charting and multi-asset trading.

FinecoX has has professional-level customisation, tools and data

The trading and price display screens on the platform can be adjusted to suit a user’s data preferences and trading style.

These workspace layouts, as Fineco refers to them, can be created, customised and then saved by the user, for future use.

Traders can also choose to utilize a series of predefined workspace layouts featuring watchlists, charts and level 2 data, including bid-offer prices and the order book.

Level 2 data, which shows items such as pending orders and market depth. is normally the preserve of professional traders and would usually come at a cost to the end user.

Multi-asset and multi-market trading from your desktop

FinecoX offers access to equities CFDs and ETFs, drawn from 26 stock exchanges around the world, alongside multi-currency accounts, bonds, and futures and options trading.

In total there are more than 20,000 tradeable instruments available to FinecoX users, yet the new platform is being offered free of charge to the bank’s customers and clients.

FinecoX is browser-based which means there is no software to download and users can simply log in and start trading.

The platform includes dynamic charts and more than 100 indicators with which to analyse them. Those charts can be viewed in full-screen mode or even across multiple monitors.

Traders can also place orders, directly from their charts, using FinecoX, without the need to switch to a different screen or browser tab.

Unusually for a browser-based system, the platform offers drag-and-drop functionality and a choice of five themes, or background colours.

Users will also have access to a scrolling news feed that can also be customised to suit the individual trader’s needs and interests.

FinecoX is a proprietary platform that has been developed in-house by Fineco Bank.

It is described by them as a professional, innovative and completely customisable platform, that could revolutionise your trading.

FinecoX will sit beside the brokers existing desktop and mobile trading solutions, but having looked at the new platform, I would imagine that most of the banks active traders will migrate to FinecoX without much prompting.

How does it differ from Fineco’s previous trading platform?

FinecoX has a more modern and professional layout than the bank’s existing trading portal. Its drag-and-drop customisation means that you can have the data, instruments and views that matter to you, in front of you all of the time, without having to go looking for that information elsewhere. The previous platform used a tab-based layout which meant that users had to switch views to find items such as news or analysis which can now be incorporated into a single unified workspace.

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