City Index has a new look, introduces Playmaker plus adds more options and extended trading hours on US stocks

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City Index, one of the most established spread betting and margin trading brokers, has revamped its branding and services.

The new-look moves the firm away from its distinctive yellow and black colour scheme and logo, to something more subtle.

However, it’s the new services that accompany the re-branding that are likely to be of most interest to City Index clients.

These include the ability to trade major US stocks, both pre and post-market.

As well as the introduction of a range of new daily, monthly and quarterly options contracts over equity indices, FX and commodities.

City Index is also introducing performance analytics in the shape of Playmaker, which is designed to improve your trading outcomes and correct sub-optimal trading behaviour.

The platform tracks how and when a trader trades, and the way they do so.

It ranks and rates their performance, highlighting PnLs and win-loss ratios etc, and shows the trader where there is room for improvement, in areas such as timing your trades and a trader’s psychology.

And it will do so in real-time, once the platform has analysed your historic trading data.

Playmaker is to be offered free to live account holders at City Index, who will be able to export performance data into excel and other software packages as a CSV file.

Playmaker is one of the products developed by Chasing Returns, the Dublin-based fintech that was founded and headed up by a former JP Morgan risk manager. Ann Hunt.

The business was recently acquired by City Index parent Stonex. Though Ann Hunt still runs the unit within the larger Stonex Group.

City Index is also offering customers access to so-called SMART Signals, an algorithmic system that scans and monitors 36 major global markets, using thousands of price points and trade data, to highlight potential trading opportunities, looking for any of more than 800 pre-programmed patterns within the price action.

The SMART Signals service shows traders how well these trading signals have performed historically, in each market, over time, and it will suggest take profit and stop loss levels, for each signal it generates.

The service operates over multiple timeframes ranging from four to twelve hours and will complement existing City Index trading tools such as Market 360, Trading Central and advanced charting from Tradingview.

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