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Fast-growing CFD trading platform unveiled a new office this week located in the heart of London’s upmarket St James’s district. The new headquarters comprises 21,000 square feet of accommodation, which is described as cutting-edge and has been custom designed for the firm, with more than 20 meeting rooms, acoustic pods, quiet zones and even a metaverse space.

WeWork out why moving office… believe that this new office will allow them to nurture talent and service its expanding client base. And with that in mind its new home contains a 50-seater seminar room.

Moving into the new space should help foster collaboration and drive innovation amongst the various teams within the business, and more than 100 staff will be located at the St James’s site.

But it’s not going to be all work and no play in the new building, because as the firm’s CEO Peter Hetherington, points out the office comes complete “with beer and wine taps, along with sleep pods”

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Mr Hetherington added:

“What could possibly go wrong”

The new London HQ is one of the firm’s seven offices, spread around the globe and will operate a hybrid work model, with staff splitting their time between the office and remote working.’s Group CEO, Chief Product Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information & Technology Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and Group Head of Risk will all be accommodated in the new office.

New offices for a newish broker

Having seen the publicity and marketing shots of the new office space I have to say that it looks very impressive and sends a clear statement about what’s ambitions are.

Of course, luxury real estate doesn’t come cheap, and revenues and client activity, within margin trading, can be highly cyclical. As such Mr Hetherington and his C-suite team might be glad of those in-house leisure facilities, as they try to smooth out the peaks and troughs of income in the business.

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