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Tesla Inc (TSLA) Share Price
Tesla Inc (TSLA) Share Price Analysis

Name: Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Description: The current NASDAQ:TSLA share price is $238.83 which is a change of -1.25 or 0.52% from the last closing price of 238.83 with 121,331,709 shares traded giving NASDAQ:TSLA a market capitalisation of $748,366,645,837. The most recent daily high has been 240.19 and daily low 231.9. The NASDAQ:TSLA share price 52 week high has been 299.29 and the 52 week low 101.81. Based on the most recent NASDAQ:TSLA share price opening of 238.83, the current NASDAQ:TSLA EPS (earnings per share) are 3.1 and the PE (price earnings ratio) is 76.96. Pricing data last updated 01/12/2023 16:00.


One of the leading and certainly the best known EV manufacturer Tesla, and its colourful CEO, Elon Musk, are never far from the headlines. Despite rallying by +90.0% year to date, the stocks price is down almost -40.0% over the last two years. Tesla has been cutting prices on many models to boost sales, and is putting its faith in AI and new production techniques, to boost its productivity and margins. 23/11/23


  • Market leader in EV and battery technology
  • 5-year earnings growth of +570%
  • 10 year share price returns 2660%


  • Net margins are still negative (-111.0%)
  • FWD PE 87.50 times
  • No insider buying since 2020
  • Outlook

Tesla Share Price Chart

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