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Bae Systems PLC (LON:BA) Share Price
BAE Systems

Name: Bae Systems PLC (LON:BA)

Description: BAE Systems (LON:BA.) shares have had a strong run recently. Over the last three years, they’ve more than doubled in price. There could still be upside here, however. In the current environment – where geopolitical tension is elevated – governments can’t afford to cut back on defence spending. So, the backdrop is likely to remain supportive. If BAE can continue to grow its earnings, there’s a good chance its share price will continue to climb, as its valuation isn’t stretched at the moment. 20/11/23


Today’s Bae Systems PLC share price is 1,057.5p (as of 01/12/2023 16:45) which is a change of 7.5 or 0.71% from the last closing price of 1,057.5 with 3,621,536 shares traded giving Bae Systems PLC a market capitalisation of £40,614,060,000. The most recent daily high has been 1,065.5 and daily low 1,052.5. The Bae Systems PLC share price 52 week high has been 1,129 and the 52 week low 797.6. Based on the most recent Bae Systems PLC share price opening of 1,057.5, the current Bae Systems PLC EPS (earnings per share) are 0.62 and the PE (price earnings ratio) is 16.94.


  • Benefitting from defence spending
  • Profits are rising
  • Reliable dividend payer


  • Reliant on government contracts
  • Dividend yield not as high as it was
  • Not considered an ethical stock
  • Outlook
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