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City Index looked at every S&P 500 stock and ranked them in terms of the volume of content created about the stocks, by the users of TikTok and Instagram, as well as the number of views that the content attracted. Disney (DIS) and Netflix (NFLX) are two of social media’s favourite investments according to a new study from margin trading and spread betting broker City Index.

City Index Social Media Analysis Survey

The data gathered by City Index found that Disney was the most widely discussed stock with more than 6150 videos having been created about the Mickey Mouse and Marvel owner.

Videos with hashtags related to Disney’s stock price have garnered more than 80 million views.

The survey found that the second most popular stock was Netflix. Social media users created 1384 videos about the streaming service, its financial performance and prospects. Those videos received 13.0 million views.

E-commerce behemoth Amazon (AMZN) was the third most popular stock among TikTok and Instagram investors. Videos about Amazon stock had 5.90 million views. City index researchers found more than 725 videos and 17,000 plus hashtags about the stock.

Tesla is lower on the list than we might have expected

EV maker Tesla came in at number four, with 739 unique videos, almost 1900 hashtags and more than 2.0 million video views.

Yet given Elon Musk’s elevated social media profile we might have expected a higher ranking. Although of course, the City Index survey did not look at content creation, views and hashtags on X  (formerly Twitter), which is owned by the Tesla CEO.

More than one hundred million views

Overall there have been 117 million views of videos, on TikTok and Instagram, about the share prices of the top 10 stocks in the City Index survey.

Speaking about the research a City Index Spokesperson said:

“This data paints a fascinating picture of which companies’ financial performance attracts the most interest, excitement and discussion on social media. The companies at the top of the list are some of the biggest brands in the world, which highlights how the general public are most comfortable approaching the complex world of the stock market through the businesses and brands with which they are most familiar”

The share price performance of the 10 most popular stocks, among TikTok and Instagram users.

Name Ticker Sector Market Cap $ 1M %Chg 3M %Chg 6M %Chg YTD %Chg
Walt Disney Company DIS Consumer Discretionary 161,514,592,000 3.86% -3.80% -12.72% 1.60%
Netflix Inc NFLX Consumer Discretionary 195,748,000,000 19.80% 4.01% 33.34% 51.67%
Amazon.com Inc AMZN Retail-Wholesale 1,483,553,440,000 10.87% 3.61% 30.28% 70.90%
Tesla Inc TSLA Auto-Tires-Trucks 682,355,328,000 -18.58% -12.51% 27.36% 74.26%
Walmart Inc WMT Retail-Wholesale 447,311,040,000 5.45% 3.70% 8.94% 17.21%
Cisco Systems Inc CSCO Computers and Technology 213,244,976,000 -2.38% -1.46% 12.59% 10.39%
Microsoft Corp MSFT Computers and Technology 2,747,484,480,000 12.57% 14.47% 18.37% 54.14%
3M Company MMM Conglomerates 51,260,540,000 2.39% -10.67% -8.02% -22.61%
Nike Inc NKE Consumer Staples 161,489,872,000.00 8.70% -2.68% -14.09% -9.32%
Starbucks Corp SBUX Retail-Wholesale 119,499,592,000.00 11.97% 2.63% -2.47% 5.17%

Source: City Index /Good Money Guide

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