Can I open an account without ESMA restriction in Australia?

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A user has asked: Can I open an account without esma restriction in Australia (for example) even If I live in France and have the benefit of high-leverage trading?

GBG: You may be better off opting to become an elective professional if appropriate.
There is some info on professional status here.

Trader: I don’t have conditions for this. Do you know some serious brokers no esma. I’m with fxpro for the moment but I don’t want to block a lot of money on a broker account

GBG: It depends on the broker really. Smaller brokers like TradeDirect365 is based in Australia and will take UK and European clients.

However, a quick look on the Pepperstone FAQ page gives the fairly definitive answer: NO

Can my account be migrated to the Australian office (ASIC)?
No, under FCA regulations, if you reside in the EEA you can only be serviced by Pepperstone UK (Pepperstone Limited).

What if I own property outside of the EEA, can I migrate my account to the Australian office (ASIC)?
No, Pepperstone UK (Pepperstone Limited) services all EEA clients, whether national or residents of EEA countries. If you are dual-citizen of Australia and have an address in Australia, you are required to reside at that address and provide proof of that address. The same applies to any other country or jurisdiction globally.

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