Can you trade indices with a US Forex broker?

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A reader has asked: I am looking for US Forex Brokers that allow US 30 or Dow Jones 30?

Answer: I think that am right in assuming that you are either a US citizen or are an ex-pat that’s resident in the USA? Either way, you wouldn’t be able to deal in leveraged products such as CFDs through a UK or European provider thanks to a combination of rules and regulations.

However, there are a number of US FX brokers that you would be able to trade through, the most obvious of which is Interactive Brokers which was established in the US way back in 1984.

They offer CFDs on the Dow30, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 indices as well as on leading European and the Asia Pacific equity indices. What’s more, you can also trade a wide range of equity-related Futures and Options contracts through Interactive brokers, not to mention an FX offering that covers 23 different currencies.

Interactive Brokers has its own online trading platforms for desktop or mobile and they have very competitively priced commission schedules.

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