Xe started off life as an online currency conversion calculator, then started flogging the data to currency transfer providers, then in 2002 decided to compete with all it’s customers and offer online money transfers (which it provides through HiFX in the UK. At the time, HiFX was one of the largest money transfer providers in the UK, but as Xe.com is one of the largest currency conversion calculators in the world (in the top 500 websites by traffic) HiFX decided to rebrand to Xe.

XE is now part of the Euronet Worldwide family, who were recognised as leaders in the currency exchange space. It aims to offer the most simple, reliable, and friendly money transfer service.

XE offers:

  • Good exchange rates. XE uses mid-market rates.
  • Transfers to more than 130 countries.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Transparent delivery times so that you can move money fast.
  • Tools such as currency charts and alerts. You can set an alert so that you never miss your desired rate.
  • A good app that allows you to make transfers on the go.

One downside to XE is that fees and charges can be higher than those of some other providers. Overall, however, it’s a very solid provider and one that is well suited to more sophisticated users.

When comparing money transfer providers, user reviews can help you determine which providers are the best. Here are independently sourced and verified money transfer company reviews to help you decide which money transfer service to use.

Xe money transfers 
Provider SpecificsXe Reviews
Total Currencies98
Min Transfer£1
Max Transfer$500,000
HQNewmarket, Canada
Account Options
Personal TransfersYes
Business TransfersYes
Currency ForwardsNo
Currency OptionsNo
Personal ServiceNo
Phone DealingNo
Online PlatformYes
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