Which Are The Best Forex Brokers For Large Accounts (deposits & volume)

If you are a big forex trader, you need a Forex broker that caters for large clients.

The key features to look for in Forex broker for large accounts are how financial secure the broker is, how reliable the trading platform is for large volume or high volume and the experience of the brokers on the end of the phone.  Dealing with experienced brokers who regularly service high net worth clients and large accounts (by large we mean £50k plus) is that they are able to deal with trading errors and issues quickly and commercially.  If you choose the wrong broker a simple mistake can turn in a huge problem if not dealt with swiftly.

Here are three Forex brokers that service high net worth individuals with large Forex accounts

ETX Capital (good for high net worth individuals)

ETX Capital (like IG) offer MT4 as well as their own platform.  For high net worth traders looking for the best broker for large forex accounts they are a good place to start.

ETX have been around since 1965 and have institutional pedigree and an experienced sales trading desk.  They also offer weekly and daily analysis for Forex traders and some good technical analysis platforms.

Spreadex (good for personal service)

If you’re looking for a small broker with lots of experience then go with Spreadex.  For large accounts they offer a very personal service and specialise in phone brokerage.

You can also have a punt on the horses or the football through their sports spread betting arm.  A smaller, but excellent alternative to the mainstream UK Forex brokers.

You can check out their Forex costs and open an account online here.

IG (good for all round market access)

IG is the clear leader in Forex trading in the UK with over 40 years experience.  They are the largest Forex broker by market cap (currently valued at over £2bn) and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

They have dedicated teams that look after clients with large balances on a personal basis. Having a team means that your issues can be dealt with quickly if you put the business through they can offer preferential rates for high volume traders.

IG are a well respected, established and experienced broker who can deal with anyone from the smallest trader to the larges hedge fund.  You can open an account of find out more here…

IG offer Forex trading via MT4, CFDs and Spread Betting (tax free profits) and have some pretty decent margin rates as well as the tightest spreads on some Forex pairs (find out more).

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