Our comparison table of US FOREX brokers covers the key account features. These include tight pricing, financial security, regulation, range of markets, added value, and reviews. Forex trading carries a high level of risk and losses can exceed your deposits. Featured brokers appear first.

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Spot Forex: ✔️
Futures: ❌
Options: ✔️
ETFs: ❌
Proprietary: ✔️
MT4: ✔️
STP: ✔️
NinjaTrader: ❌
EURUSD: 0.6 pips
GBPUSD: 0.9 pips
USDJPY: 0.7 pips
EURGBP: 0.9 pips
AUDUSD: 0.6 pips
Overnight Financing: 0.0022%
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Forex.com Forex.com

Spot Forex: ✔️
Futures: ❌
Options: ❌
ETFs: ❌
Proprietary: ✔️
MT4: ✔️
STP: ✔️
NinjaTrader: ✔️
EURUSD: 1 pips
GBPUSD: 1.2 pips
USDJPY: 1 pips
EURGBP: 1 pips
AUDUSD: 1.2 pips
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What is forex trading in the US?

Forex trading is speculating on the price of two difference currencies relative to each other. The foreign exchange market is the most heavily traded asset class in the world. Anyone can trade forex through a forex broker and forex trading falls into two categories, high risk short term speculation and physical currency exchange.

How do forex brokers make money in the US

Forex brokers make money from forex traders in three ways.

  • Fees: This can either be the difference between the buy and sell price they offer their clients or commission on trade.
  • Overnight financing: This is the amount forex brokers charge clients for holding positions overnight
  • Unhedged positions: This is where a forex broker will not hedge a client trade in the underlying market

How much do forex brokers charge?

You can compare forex spreads and commissions that forex brokers charge in our US forex broker comparison table or click the button to view the specifics on the individual forex broker’s website. If you have a large forex trading account you should be able to negotiate lower fees.

What forex brokers use Metatrader 4 (MT4)?

The majority of forex brokers will offer (MT4 MetaTrader 4) as a trading platform alongside their own in-house developed platform or other third-party trading platforms.

Which forex brokers accept US clients?

Forex brokers in the comparison table on this page accept clients from the US. US regulations mean that Forex brokers outside of the US cannot accept US clients so if you are a US resident you need a forex broker that is regulated to accept customers from the US.

How to start forex trading in the US?

If you are based in the US you need the following to start forex trading:

  1. An account with a forex broker that accepts US clients (see the comparison table on this page)
  2. Funds to trade with (forex trading is very high risk so only trade with money you can afford to lose)
  3. An understanding of what moves currency prices (everything from economic indicators to political events move forex prices)

Is forex trading legit in the US?

If you are using a repuatable and US regulated forex broker forex trading is a legitimate form of speculating on the financial markets.

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