Best Travel Credit Cards

Don’t get hit by high fees when using your credit card abroad. Look for a credit card that offers no fees on foreign transactions and preferably some rewards as well. Moneysaving Expert lists these credit cards best for travel use:

  1. Barclaycard Platinum Cashback has no fees on spending OR cash withdrawals overseas. There’s also a handy 0.25% cashback on your spending until the summer of 2023. Unfortunately, existing Barclaycard customers won’t be allowed this card.
  2. Tandem has no fees for holiday spending or cash withdrawals so long as you repay in full every month. There’s a generous 0.5% cashback on spending at home and abroad.
  3. Halifax Clarity is interest-free on foreign spending so long as you settle-up in full each month. You do get charged interest on cash withdrawals until you pay, so if you can, do so via online banking while abroad.