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Hot on the heals of IGs reduction of spreads in Oil to 2.8 Spreadex has reduced their spreads on Wall Street to 1.7.

Still not quite as competitive as IG who charge 1.6 on Wall Street or ETX who offer spreads of just 1. But then with Spreadex it’s more about who you are dealing with than a race to the bottom on pricing.

Spreadex has always stood out as a broker that offers a little more personal attention than others. Perhaps this stems from them being based outside the Square Mile in St Albans and being somewhat more of a gentlemanly outfit. Read our Spreadex Review…

Especially if you want to take a punt on a smaller cap AIM stock or exotic FX pair…

Also, it’s still nice to so the Spreadex sports spread betting stand at the races on the weekend trackside complete with trilby, camel overcoat and tie whilst the other Barry the bookies make do with a anorak and trainers.

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