Spreadex Sports Spread BettingSpreadex Sports Review: Spreadex Sports has been offering financial sports spread betting since 1999. Spreadex sports is well known for it's welcome offers to encourage new clients to try sports spread betting as opposed to fixed odds betting or betting exchanges. Spreadex does offer fixed odds betting and financial spread betting, but focusses on sports spread betting. Spreadex does limited paid advertising, instead relying on customer service, word of mouth and client referrals for new business.

Spreadex Sports Review Good Points

  • Excellent customers service
  • Good welcome offer for new clients
  • Regualted by the FCA

Spreadex Sports Review Bad Points

  • Loses can exceed deposits
  • Fixed odds odds not as good as betting exchagnes
  • Welcome offer only applicable to sports spread betting

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Spreadex Sports Spread Betting Spreadex Sports Spread Betting Sign up to Spreadex sports spread betting and GET £300 CASHBACK OR AN IPAD 2018 WIFI 32GB IN YOUR FIRST 28 DAYS WITH SPREADEX Financials Sports Casino Fixed Odds Spreadex Offers

Spreadex Reviews
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