Use this equity release calculator from Age Partnership to find out how much cash you can borrow against your home with an equity release mortgage.

Equity Release FAQ:

An equity release is a mortgage where a lender will give you cash in return for a share in the proceeds of the sale of your house in the future. However, unlike with a traditional mortgage, which you repay gradually, an equity release mortgage is not settled until after your home is sold.

  • You can release tax-free cash from your home
  • You can stay in your home instead of downsizing
  • You do not have to make monthly repayments
  • You won't own more than the value of your home
  • You may not be able to end it early or if you can it may cost a lot in fees
  • You are limited in the amount you can borrow against your home
  • Having additional cash and savings may reduce your benefits entitlement
  • You will compound interest until the equity release is repaid

Fees vary from provider to provider,  your individual circumstances, and the current underlying interest rates. To find out how much an equity release may cost, use our equity release calculator.

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