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If you want to send foreign currency from one country to another you need an international money transfer provider. Request quotes…

Money transfer companies offer exchange rates that are much better than banks and because they specialise in foreign exchange the process is much more user friendly.  Most established currency brokers do not charge a commission or any fee for paying the money to an international beneficiary.

Top Tip: Get your account open first, negotiate rates second. Why? All money transfer brokers have to conduct identity checks so opening an account can take some time.  Make sure you don’t miss a great exchange rate and get your account in place well ahead of a transaction.

Cheapest way to send Canadian Dollars CAD to Canada

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Currency broker OFX have transferred over £78b in currency conversions for 1 million customers around the global. They have a network of 115 global banking patterns, offer over 55 currency pairs, are regulated by over 55 global regulators and offer 24/7 customer service. OFX offer personal and business currency brokerage with zero commission. They offer same-day payments and forwards online or over the phone with 80% of all major currency transfers processed in 24 hours. Sarah Webb OFX Read Sarah Webb Interview Get A Quote

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Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct have helped more than 325,000 customers move money internationally since they were founded in 1996. With them customers can transfer 40+ currencies to 120+ countries. They have more than 20 global offices and employ over 500 currency experts. 24/7 transfers online, over the phone and by app No transfer fees Personal currency expert Spot and forward contracts, limit orders and rate alerts Specialist business transfer services and risk management solutions

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TorFX have been connecting their customers with great exchange rates and no transfer fees since 2004. They’ve won the Moneyfacts Consumer Award for International Money Transfer Provider of the Year five times (2016 – 2020) and have also won the Best Customer Service award four times (2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020). They have a five-star ‘Excellent’ TrustScore on Trustpilot. Dedicated account management The ability to transfer over the phone, online or by app Great exchange rates and hidden fees Tailored transfer services Free market updates Nigel Fox – Managing Director, TorFX

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Linear Int Payments Linear International Payments is a currency broker that cater primarily to large currency transfers and conversions. Personal service and expert advice.
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Ram FX specialise in personal service for corporates, funds, family offices and high net-worth currency brokerage for individuals. Online :
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Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge specialise in online OTC FX Options for hedging Online :
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Why money transfer providers and currency brokers are the cheapest way to send Canadian Dollars CAD to Canada

The following article explores a number of the cheapest ways to send Canadian Dollars CAD to Canada.

Take into account, when transferring to Canada, that charges come from many different areas, so be sure to check the value of Canadian Dollars which will be received at the end of the money transfer. Be sure to look out for charges from the transferring firm, charges received on the other end, and what exchange rate you are getting.

The cheapest ways of transferring money are by bank or building society, using a money transfer firm, or using a foreign exchange (FX) currency broker, this article looks to show you the advantages of using each method, depending on what sort of transfer you are looking to complete.

The advantages of using a bank or a building society for CAD transfers are:

• 24/7 contact, whether online or on the phone.
• Easy to do, banks will do most of the work.
• Your money is protected on overseas transfers.
• Doesn’t need to be done in store, can be done via phone or online.

The disadvantages of using a bank or a building society for Canadian Dollar are:

• Exchange rates offered aren’t as high as other methods of transfer.
• Transfers from banks or building societies are the longest of all methods, taking up to 6 days.

The advantages of using a High Street money CAD transfer firm are:

• Quick transfers, sometimes completed in minutes.
• Can be transferred directly to a bank account, doesn’t need to go through a firm.
• May not need an account, or even ID, to complete transfers, depending on the size of the transfer.

The disadvantages of using a High Street CAD money transfer firm are:

• As there are lots of different firms, fees and exchange rates vary depending on who you go to, so be sure to explore all firms before transferring money.
• If the firm goes bust, your money is not protected.

Advantages of using foreign exchange (FX) currency broker are:

• Small transfer fees, and even a cancellation of fees for larger transfers.
• Quick transfers, completed same or next day.
• You can organise a regular transfer, although will need to set an account up for this.
• They tend to offer the best exchange rates.

Disadvantages of using a currency broker for CAD include:

• Having to create an account, which sometimes takes a few days to complete.
• No insurance should the firm cease trading.

Whether you are looking for quick, reliable, or cheap money transfers, there is a whole host of options available, and with enough research, you can find the best deal available for your particular needs.

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