Best Low-Interest Loans

Probably the best deals around but you must have a decent credit rating. No lender will risk low rates on just anybody! According to uSwitch, these are the top three using an example £7,500 loan over three years.

  1. M & S Personal Loan – if you fit the criteria, you might be accepted for this 2.8% representative deal. You must hold an M & S credit card, charge card or budget card but new customers can also apply when they open an account.
  2. Yorkshire Bank Personal Loan is 2.9% representative APR, but you must have an income over £15,000 be aged 23 to 74.
  3. Sainsbury’s Nectar Cardholder’s Loan crops up again for those who hold a Nectar card. 2.9% APR but you only need to be 18 and earn over £7,500.
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