How to compare the costs of SIPP, ISA and investment platform fees over the lifetime of your account

If you make regular contributions to a SIPP, Stocks and Shares ISA or general investment account you could be throwing away thousands of pounds every year by not comparing platform fees.

Most brokers charge fees in a slightly different way. This means that it’s actually quite difficult to compare fees using traditional comparison tables. You can

You can of course use our comparison tables compare investment account features:

But, what if you want to dig a little deeper and find out exactly how much a specific account is going to cost you in fees over the life time of holding your investments with a single provider.

We’ve teamed up with Broker Compare who crunch all this data into a handy tool to calculate investment account fees.

All you have to do to compare investment account fees is choose what type of account you want to invest in (SIPP/ISA/General) then input how much you have to put in now, how often you trade and how often you contribute to the account and how long for.

You’ll then be shown the actual cost of holding those investment with different providers.

Here’s a quick video of a sophisticated investor showing how he could save £50k in fees over the lifetime of his SIPP.

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