Good Money Guide Integrates Comparison Tables With FinanceFeeds

I’m delighted to say that we have partnered with one of my favorite B2B brokerage websites, FinanceFeeds to integrate our comparison tables and data.

As part of our new white label comparison service, Good Money Guide has integrated our broker comparison tables into FinanceFeeds, run by Andrew Saks-McLeod.

If you are not already familiar with FinanceFeeds, Andrew and his team travel the world connecting brokers and services providers at events, producing excellent opinion pieces on the trading industry.

FinanceFeeds, in my view, is an essential resource for anyone to keep updated with what is going on the industry side of trading.

Over the past few years, there have been significant shifts in the way affiliates, IBs and introducing agents can refer customers to brokers.

As regulated brokers in the UK come under increasing regulatory to only deal with experienced clients who fully understand the risks involved in trading many affiliate websites and comparison services have closed.

I also suspect that any performance-based marketing service in the high-risk trading industry will soon be required to be regulated themselves.

Our mission has always been to feature properly regulated brokers to an appropriate base or traders. As such our comparison tables feature only brokers we have done significant due diligence on and would use ourselves.

For all brokers we feature we aim to interview their CEOs, as well as trial their platform in a live environment, initiating coverage of all news, results and product updates they release.

The Good Money Guide aims to always be a trusted source of news, reviews, guides, interviews, and comparison.

For website and service providers that would like to generate an additional revenue stream by outsourcing brokers comparison tools please get in touch with us.


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