A reader asks: How do I convert an amount of money from one currency to another online?

As with the previous question about the best UK accounts for getting paid in Euros, this is an inquiry that we are seeing more and more often at the Good Money Guide. And it’s exactly the kind of question we want to answer.

Once again picking the right account /provider for you will likely be decided by the amount of money you wish to convert and how frequently you will be converting one currency into another.

For example if it’s going to be a “one off transaction” to purchase a property abroad or repatriate the proceeds of a foreign property sale then that will require a different service, than if we are talking about converting smaller sums on a monthly basis to pay maintenance charges or other fees.

To discover more about moving and converting foreign currencies please see the dedicated currency transfer sections of the Good Money Guide website   Which is full of useful information about choosing a currency transfer agent.

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