ETX Capital wins “Best Online Trading Platform” award at the Shares Awards

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The amazing thing about Shares Magazine and Investors Chronicle is that they are still going strong in print and remain an absolute bastion of old-school financial commentary.

I still pick them up at the station when I have a long train journey or flick idly through them at Waitrose whilst my children try and con me into paying £7 for a Peppa the Pig mag avec un toy.

I know both mags well. When I started as a stockbroker for Phillip Securities when I sat across from the late, great, Nick “The Vicar” Bealer we ran an ad in Shares Mag’s directory. Then more recently when I was at Investors Intelligence, we supplied sterling and corporate bond data to the IC.

If you are a long-term fixed income investor you can rank corporate bonds by yield etc. here.

Or better still, if you invest through bond brokers and bond IPO’s check out for Oliver Butt’s fantastic bond of the week articles.

There’s still a great mix of technical analysis and fundamental comment for stock trading. Obviously, if you are jobbing about in the top ten traded markets like FX, they are not overly relevant. But they are a good fun read.

Anyway, Shares Magazine had an awards do and ETX Capital won “Best Online Trading Platform” and had this to say about it:

This is the biggest awards night for the industry so it’s great to add to the growing list of awards (4 this year) for our market-leading technology.

Obviously, we haven’t given out our awards yet for our broker of the year. If you haven’t already voted for your broker please do so here.

Pictured are Robert Jeffers, Head of Products & Stuart Bowell, Head of IT.

For more information see what their clients have to say about them on our ETX Capital review page or you can read our interview with the newly instated COO, Phil Adler for a top-down view.

A while ago we have a chat with David Papier the head of Sales – which is also worth a read.

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