Best Credit Building Credit Cards

If you need to build your credit rating, a credit card is a powerful weapon. The best options will boost your rating while exposing you to the minimum risk in terms of credit limits. However, the flip side is these cards attract a higher representative APR.

  1. Aqua Classic with 0% Purchase Offer tops the list for best credit building cards on With a minimum credit limit of £250 and a maximum of £1,200, but this can be increased after four monthly statements. After a six-month 0% purchase offer, it’s a hefty 34.9% APR, so it pays to settle your balance each month.
  2. Barclaycard Forward Credit Card has the same maximum credit limit but a minimum of just £150. This card is not available to existing Barclaycard holders.
  3. Aqua Advance Card £250 to £1,200 credit limit and offers no fees on purchases abroad, so ideal for your holidays.