Tactical buy on FTSE 100?

30th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

When an instrument attempts to break out three times and failed, chances are high we are looking at a potential reversal. Look at the UK FTSE 100 Index. The equity index has been mired in […]


Are UK bank shares oversold?

21st August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

Low interest rates appear to be annihilating investor interest in bank shares. It is no coincidence that bank stocks are dropping sharply as interest rates slump. Look at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Prices have […]


Time to buy BHP shares?

20th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

After some weeks of falling share prices, have miners reached temporary bottoms? BHP Billiton, the world-class mining conglomerate, reports today a rise in its full-year profits. Its 12-month earnings reach a staggering $9.1 billion; dividends […]


Upheaval in UK property REITs

12th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

The past few months saw the UK economy slam by three tornadoes: Brexit, a slowing world trade, and downtrending retail figures. A lot of these economic stress are channeling into the UK property sector. Flatlining […]

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