Head-and-Shoulders Reversal in Dow?

19th November 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

After falling sharply from 26,250 this month, the Dow Jones Industrials Index appears to be stabilising. More interestingly, its recent pivot low is sketching a technical pattern known as the Head-and-Shoulders (see below). Is this pattern tradable? […]


The Return of RORO

26th October 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

Earlier this year, investors were complaining about the tight volatility across asset classes. Now that volatility has returned, they are definitely not happy about that too. Perhaps the biggest contributor of higher price volatility is […]


S&P 500 and Market Breadth

25th October 2018 Good Money Guide

The S&P 500 Index closed deeply in red at 2,656.10 level (-3.09%) on Wednesday, all three US major indices posted losses at the end of Wednesday’s trading session.  It seems we have panic-driven selling by […]


FTSE100 breaking down….

24th October 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

Two days ago, I mentioned that the FTSE 100 Index is struggling to stabilise at 7,000. Indeed. Global equity selloff on Tuesday dragged the index below this psychological level. The index tested October’s low but, interestingly, […]


Are moving averages helpful to traders?

20th June 2018 Tarquin Coe

Definitely and because many traders and trading programs pay close attention to their level, reactions on their tests almost become self-fulfilling. By that we mean, should an index or stock correct into a key moving […]

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