CAC40 breaks new 2019 highs….

15th March 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

While UK is rocked by Brexit, EU appears to enjoy a calmer political atmosphere. Still, its currency, the Euro, remains in a persistent downtrend. Anemic economic growth is largely behind the Euro’s weakness. Against the […]


Japanese Yen to weaken?

4th February 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

The Japanese Yen is always viewed as a ‘safe haven’ currency. What this means is that investors/traders flocked into the currency in times of heightened market fear. Understandably, the currency rose sharply in the last […]


An Upside breakout for GBPEUR?

28th January 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

Are traders expecting the elimination of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit come March 29? After PM May’s Commons defeat on January 15, Sterling saw its fortune change, slowly at first but with gathering momentum. Against EUR, the […]

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