Fixed Income

10-year Gilt Yield: A Vanishing Act

4th September 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

High political drama in Westminster dominates headlines. Yesterday we saw the new prime minister suffer his first commons defeat. The motion to rule out a ‘No Deal’ Brexit progresses with a 27 majority. A general […]

Fixed Income

Greatest bubble in a decade?

19th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

Great financial bubbles are a generational thing. The dot-com bubble lasted the entire nineties; as did the Japanese bubble a decade earlier. Are government bonds the current ‘Bubble of the Decade’? Over the past year, […]

Fixed Income

Bond markets flashing amber!

25th March 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

As a technical signal, it does not get stronger than bond’s upside breakout last Friday. In other words, government bond yields are crashing down (note: bond yields move inversely to bond prices). The validates my […]