A Beginner’s Guide to Trend Trading

11th October 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

Trend trading explained In simplest terms, trend trading is about buying and selling securities in the direction of the trend. Normally a price trend is detected with the technical indicators. These indicators are used in […]


How To Trade Economic Indicators

14th August 2019 Good Money Guide

Want to trade on economic indicators like non-farm payrolls, interest rate decisions, GDP, PMI, inflation and trade balance? Read our guide to the top 6 economic indicators for trading. Macroeconomic data is one of the […]


What is Financial Spread Betting?

10th July 2019 Malcolm Pryor

What is Financial Spread Betting? Spread betting products have been around in the UK since 1974. With a spread bet the customer attempts to take advantage of rising or falling markets by taking a bet […]


How to Trade IPOs

16th May 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

If you want to invest in a new issue or trade an IPO, here’s our quick guide An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is one of the most exciting events in the life any company. Owners sell […]

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