As Bitcoin approaches 10,000 IG highlights security concerns over cryptocurrencies for UK brokers

IG’s current Bitcoin dealing ticket

IG Group, who have offered cryptocurrency trading since 2013 have restricted new positions on Bitcoin temporarily as new clients increase the firms exposure.

As speculators look for cryptocurrency brokers that offer Ethereum and Bitcoin trading, UK brokers have found that their underlying exposure to the cryptocurrencies has increase to somewhat “uncomfortable levels”.

IG Group’ss Peter Hetherington told the

We have strict internal hedging limits on certain exotic products — principally cryptocurrencies — to determine how much of the underlying asset we are exposed to [and] avoid risks we’re not comfortable with,”

“Where we get close to reaching those limits, we stop taking new positions.

IG also stated they were concerned about the counterparty risk of dealing with unregulated Bitcoin exchanges and holding an excessive amount of Bitcoin making them a potential target for hackers.

The also highlighted criticism of other CFD brokers such as Plus 500 increasing the overnight funding charges for holding a positions in Bitcoin. Although the cost of hedging a Bitcoin position will be significantly higher than a traditional FX pair or equity indices.

Plus 500 does however add an expiry to the CFD contracts when they are opened meaning that it’s exposure is limited to when the CFDs expire, should they choose not renew open positions in addition to setting the cryptocurrency at close only.

Plus 500’s Bitcoin dealing ticket, currently shows that client sentiment is 93% long and only 7% short.

Plus 500’s Current Bitcoin dealing ticket

However, according to Daily FX (the FX education portal owned by IG, IG Clients are currently around 62% net long Bitcoin, the lowest it has been since October 2016.

IG client Bitcoin screenshot from 28.11.17

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