Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit

When you have a poor credit score, perhaps because of bankruptcy or some form of previous default, you can begin to rebuild your score using these cards, recommended by the Motley Fool:

  1. Aqua Advance Credit Card, like all other Aqua cards, is a good way to build your credit history. What makes this top of the pops is that by keeping up your payments your APR could fall 5% each year, down to 19.9%.
  2. Aqua Classic Credit Card has no annual fee and a credit limit of £1,200. Aqua also helps you understand and monitor your credit score. Credit limits increase if you keep up with payments.
  3. Marbles Credit Card has a high APR with a representative rate of 34.9% and few bells and whistles, but it does get you on the road to recovering your credit score. There’s no annual fee.
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