A quick video run though of eToro’s copy trading platform…

So, I was at the Finance Magnates conference yesterday, where I learned three things. However, I also learnt a fourth. Which was how to stand around like a lemon whilst they tried to find my ticket. eToro said they’d sort one out, but the receptionist couldn’t find it so I had to register like some bum who’s just walked off the street.

Never mind. It did give me a chance to chat to Clive Lambert and Eddie Tofpik who I’m trying to get involved in our technical analysis portal, ChartsTA.com.

But I digress. I’ve been meaning to up the content on our youtube channel for a while. There is only one video on there which is for SaxoTraderGo, but now there are two. A video review of eToro’s online trading platform with me umming, ahhing, stuttering and losing money.

We had a couple of “bags” on account so had a little play about. Nothing too serious, just a quick look at putting normal trades on. Then a quick follow of a trader and a look at copyportfolios.

If you’ve used eToro please take a look at their review page and leave them a review to let other traders know what you think…

Watch the eToro platform video review here

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